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Встречались недавно с однокурсниками, пили за синапсы, болтали про Юнга и архетипы: Самость, Персону и Тень. И кто-то вспомнил об этом клипе. Тема наша, ритм драматический, даже страшный, минималистическая картинка, закольцованный сюжет - все, как я люблю.
Перевод на английский - под катом.
Spiegel - Mirror

Hello everybody. I would like to welcome you all back to our Groupthearpie session. And before we start today, I would like to introduce to all of you three new members here with us today. And as you all by now know, it is customary for us here to all introduce ourselves and in a few words try and depict the problem and so therefore I will now turn over the floor to Kerstin.

Hello, I am Kerstin, 16 years old, at every party totally smashed on hard core liquor. I throw myself on every man, pretend to always be in a great mood, but inside I’m really down and can not win anybody’s trust. Only out of self protection and self-confidence I act like Verone Feldbusch, but inside there’s always only the same frustration. I am too fat and these things I can not ignore so I just stick my finger down my throat.
Because I ate the lady in the mirror,
And want to look like the women on the cover of “Lady in the Mirror”.
Sometimes I feel dead as though a blowdryer were to fall into the water,
I don’t have money but I want to be beautiful like Yvonne Catterfeld.
I was not born this way I have suffered so much
I want to finally have big lips and huge tits
You’d have to suck out my fat for a flatter stomach
I would give away my life for a firmer skin.

My mirror does not show me what I want to see
I want to be someone different and
My whole world is about to break apart
Into thousands of small pieces
And no one here understands me
I feel so disgusting
My whole world is about to break apart
Into a thousand small pieces.

Thank you Kerstin. Michelle why are you here? What is your Problem

My name is Michelle and I am a model
I always feel drained but my part I play well
Yesterday I had my birthday, 21 young years
During those young days have had enough distress
Because beauty can also be a curse
When you weigh practically nothing everyone thinks you still have a lot of weight
And that you have a lot of money and tons of friends
I know a lot of people but no one that I can really talk to
And men only want one thing, I can not find one that I can live with
I don’t like sex and guys really stress me out
I was an early bloomer and was raped at age 13
And I could cry about it everything is crap.
Only my mother kept me from pouring acid on my face
Because I don’t want to be beautiful anymore, no
I know you all must think she is crazy
But I know what I am talking about and I hate my Job
Even though I practically live by it.


Michelle that was very brave of you.
Bernhard, what is your Problem?

Since I was young people have always teased me
Already in Elementary school I was top of the class
They called me a nerd but that did not distract me off of my path
I kept on studying and finished Grad school with a 4.0
I was a clever kid, today I have a wife and child
That are often sad, because I am never at home
Have done overtime daily, wanted to pay off my student loans
To get over more than just the small bits
And I should by now be head of the department
But I just sit through and unfortunately never say no
I don’t have any leadership qualities nor decision-making abilities
Learned early on to hold my tongue only to avoid any friction
I do everything for my boss and my coworkers
But they are everything but nice and have never given me anything
And yesterday I was regretfully told
I was after 15 years of loyalty simply taken out and fired
Every month I have a ton of rats in that house with a garden
And a car to pay off and what should I tell my wife?

What?! I’ve had enough!

Psychiatrist: Bernhard no!

*gun shot*

Today a terrible accident took place as a 37 year old, in the premises of a psychotherapeutic practice during a therapy session and in the presence of other patients, held a weapon against himself and committed suicide. The man who the day before lost his job, leaves behind a wife and two children.

*Chorus* 2x (с) источник.


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